Season 2 network analysis

The holidays gave me some time to come back to this project. I’ve posted the analysis of Season 2. The sophomore season is filled with adversity, especially for the Starks. Winterfell falls to the betrayal of its adopted son. Arya is a hair’s breadth from discovery. Jon is lost to the wildlings. Sansa is helpless and friendless in King’s Landing. Robb and Catelyn find their efforts to rally against the Lannisters hampered by the conflict between Renly and Stannis Baratheon. Meanwhile, Daenerys is desperate and directionless in the Red Waste.

The narrative takes a strong tack towards the Lannisters, and we begin to see the world through their eyes. In particular, Arya’s masquerade puts her next to Tywin Lannister, revealing a formidable opponent. And of course, the misfit Tyrion finds the balance of the realm in his hands, as he checks the ruthlessness of Cersei and the cruelty of Joffrey.