Networks for Season 1 and Season 3

I’ve added the first two network that we constructed from the TV series (instead of the books). We started with the first season.  I admit this information is far removed from tonight’s season premiere. In fact, looking at the complete network for the books might be more satisfying today (even though it is still two seasons behind). We tackled the third season next, for sentimental reasons. That’s the first one we started with all those years ago.

So check out the Season 1 page to whet your appetite, and experience some nostalgia for the simpler times of Ned Stark. Remember when you could tell right from wrong? Yeah, me too. Here’s a preview of the top characters for the first season. No surprises.


Then you can head over to Season 3 to relive some of your favorite memories: the wacky Jaime and Brienne road trip, Ygritte’s confident seduction of Jon Snow, and of course the romance of the Red Wedding. Here are the top performers in the third season. You can’t argue much with the names (okay, except for Joffrey), but you may be surprised by the ordering.



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