Networks for all the books!

I have added pages for each of the books, as well as a separate analysis that gathers all five volumes into one network. Check out The Novels page to explore the analysis. Here is the combined network for all five books.


And here are the top ranked characters for the combined saga.


You can read the details in Volumes 1-5: A Song of Ice and Fire.

I have also added two supporting pages. First, A Primer on Network Science contains the basics that you need in order to ponder the analysis on this site. Second, I have added A Science of Networks, which is an expository article that I wrote for The Skeptic (UK) magazine. This gives a general audience introduction to the fundamental nature of Network Science.

I am actively working on networks for the HBO Series “Game of Thrones.” I will post those networks as I finish them. I should have some up before the new season starts.


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